HGH Homeopathic Spray The Secret to Energy and Anti-Aging


  • It will not show up as hGH on athletic performing drug tests
  • It releases your own HGH.
  • It shows as an increase in insulin Growth Factor (IGF) which is a result of releasing person’s own human growth hormone.
  • Contains only the homeopathic HGH (Intestinal amount of HGH)
  • One bottle is a whole month’s supply! The dose is an easy 5 sprays once a day!

The benefits of HealthWave Human Growth Hormone Homeopathic Spray are huge and without any side effects. In both clinical and anecdotal studies, patients using this spray achieved an increased energy level and an improved feeling of well – being. They felt and looked greatly rejuvenated and younger. Skin, hair and overall appearance showed improvement. Muscle tone increased and total body function also improved. Optimum weight loss was quickly achieved. Minor aches and pains disappeared while major injuries seemed to heal much quicker. In summary people using the HealthWave hGH spray felt better, looked better and younger and had much more energy.